Nvidia’s TegraZone app updated, now supports all Android devices and HID controllers

Nvidia has pushed out a new update for their TegraZone app which brings with it support for all Android devices, not just Tegra-based ones. This means you will be able to track your Tegra-based games collection regardless of what devices you are using as well as stay up-to-date when new games come out.

This update also brings with it support for Nvidia Shield controls as well as support for all HID controllers, allowing you to use this app on other Android devices like the current selection of Android game consoles such as the MOJO.

New TegraZone App features:

· Supports Google Play Game Services – provides achievements for downloading games, submitting reviews and ratings, and spreading the word about games featured in TegraZone
· Uses your Google+ login to personalize your TegraZone experience
· TegraZone Collections will allow highlighting of special interest groups of games by feature, genre, or publisher
· Sharing shortcut icon makes it easier to share via your favorite social network
· Dynamic loading of additional content when you scroll to the bottom of games lists and news
· Archived news items are now viewable

The update is now available for download for free off Google Play so feel free to download it regardless of whether or not you actually have a Tegra device to install it on.


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