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The Twitch app gets updated with Push Notifications for Broadcasters. The TwitchCon App is also now available.

Twitch’s first ever convention is drawing closer and closer each day and with that there is a lot of news coming out with what will be taking place during the event. Needless to say, there will be a lot going on. Luckily, if you are attending TwitchCon 2015, Twitch has an app to help you out. On top of that, the company has released an update for their Twitch app which bring a much requested feature to it: Push Notifications for Broadcasters.


HalfBrick updates Age of Zombies and the promise for lots of future support

So four years ago HalfBrick released their hit game Age of Zombies. For those of you that aren’t familiar HalfBrick is the company that created Fruit Ninja and Monster Dash two highly successful games on multiple platforms. In Age of Zombies you play a commando who when back in  time and wanted nothing more then to shoot zombies and make it back to the present. That was four years ago.


Madfinger Games celebrates 4th anniversary with a sale and Samurai II:Vengeance Enhanced Edition

Madfinger Games is celebrating their 4th birthday and in order to give back to Android gamers, the company is putting Samurai II: Vengeance on sale for $0.99 for a limited time. However it isn’t just the sale that you should be happy about. Samurai II: Vengeance also got updated with a variety of enhancements which Madfinger Games are labeling as making the game an ‘Enhanced Edition’.


Nom Nom Games opens up third round of ”Alpha 1” public testing for their MMO game Monster Madness Online

Nom Nom Games, which is an indie-subsidiary of Trendy Entertainment (the folks behind Dungeon Defenders), has announced that they are launching a third round of public testing for the “Alpha 1” build of their MMO game Monster Madness Online. This particular game is an action RPG shooter MMO that will also feature cross-platform gameplay on iOS, Android, PC, MAC, Linux, Steam and web browsers.


The NVision news app gets update, now available for Android phones

Back in April of this year, Dialect released a tablet-only news applications that was focused on the entertainment industry with a bit more of a dedicated focus to gaming including that of Android gaming. The app was impressively made and featured a lot of dynamic content inside of it but unfortunately, if you only owned an Android phone, you were unable to get this app. That, however, is not the case anymore.