Day: February 11, 2015

Game News

Bubbliminate is an addictive puzzler that is now available on Android

Bubbliminate is a strategy game for two to eight players, or against the AI, that was originally created by Joel Becker when he was in high school,and who’s now the founder of Voxoid LLC. The idea of the game is that players control colored bubbles (each color represents a different player, so mine would be all yellow, and yours might be all blue, etc), and try to eliminate all the bubbles of the other players.

Game News

Who Is Android’s Gaming Mascot?

I remember the first time I heard that Mario was more recognizable to children than Jesus. It was a massive revelation. A figure who spent all day eating mushrooms and jumping on turtles was more familiar to kids than someone considered by some of their parents to be the savior of mankind. It made sense, Mario was fun and simple. Jesus on the other hand made a lot of adults yell at each other.

Game News

Remote Play Port brings Playstation Remote Play to non-Xperia Android phones

Sony’s Playstation Remote Play is a handy little service for Playstation owners but it requires certain Xperia model Android devices. This leaves a lot of people out in the dark when it comes to using Playstation Remote Play because they don’t own the correct Android device. It sucks because if you want to use the service, you are basically forced into buying an Xperia Android phone. However there is an unofficial app available that will allow you to use Playstation Remote Play on non-Xperia Android phones.