HalfBrick updates Age of Zombies and the promise for lots of future support

So four years ago HalfBrick released their hit game Age of Zombies. For those of you that aren’t familiar HalfBrick is the company that created Fruit Ninja and Monster Dash two highly successful games on multiple platforms. In Age of Zombies you play a commando who when back inĀ  time and wanted nothing more then to shoot zombies and make it back to the present. That was four years ago.

HalfBrick is committed to bringing you more content on a regular basis. The update now includes more crazy vehicles, a new redone health system, and support for controllers for smartphones as well as tablets. However, HalfBrick is not satisfied at stopping there. In the next few months they will be adding over-the-air updates which will allow them to alter in-game assets, balance stats and add new content without affecting stability or hindering performance.

HalfBrick is also looking to involve the gaming community on a larger scale. You and your fellow gamers will have a larger impact on that they do and how they do it. Want new locations? Submit an idea. New types of Zombies? Submit it. Have an epic battle idea? Submit it!. You get the jest and HalfBrick is working on making it happen.

We want to accelerate our learning and experimentation with new gameplay, content, social features and more. Age of Zombies is the perfect game for us to try anything we want, hear from our players about what they like, and then go back and change it some more. We will be breaking things for sure. – Ramine Darabiha, Chief Product Officer at HalfBrick

Age of Zombies is available on the Google Play Store so if you haven’t had a chance to play this little gem yet then head over there and download it, it’s only $1.00 buck and you are sure to get your moneys worth with all the additional content and future planned content.

Amazon Marketplace: Age of Zombies

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