Nvidia will be focusing on ‘Superphones’ with their Tegra series of chips

Nvidia’s CEO Jen-Hsun Huang was speaking yesterday during their quarterly earnings call and announced the company’s intention to focus on what they call ‘superphones’ when it comes to their Tegra chips. What the company isn’t interested in deal with are mainstream phones and tablets, only the ones that fall into the ‘super’ category.

That doesn’t mean that their chips won’t be showing up in mainstream devices, it just won’t be the main focus of the company. Instead Nvidia is more interested in using their chip with devices that can take advantage of their graphics capabilities and this isn’t limited to just ‘superphones’ either. This would also include micro-console, tablets and anything else running Android (and non-Android devices of course).

Superphones are any smartphone with an unusually large screen or a high-end smartphone in general. The real start of all this focus will be when the recently announced 64-bit Tegra K1 chipset starts appearing in these high-end devices or gaming systems. Nvidia’s Tegra 3 chip did very well for the company but the Tegra 4, while a good solid chipset, didn’t do as well as expected for numerous reasons.

Instead of continuing with trying to get their Tegra chips in as many devices as possible, Nvidia will focus on what they do best, things related to gaming or in this case mobile gaming and graphics processors. Nvidia has both the Tegra 4i and the K1 heading out onto the market soon, both geared towards different purposes and both chips should do much better than the Tegra 4.

Website Referenced: PC World

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