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Oceanhorn 2, Where Cards Fall, and more are now Apple Arcade exclusive

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Apple has dealt a seriously huge blow to Android today by announcing Apple Arcade, a subscription service that provides hundreds of premium games for a single cost.

Why is this bad news for us Android gamers? Because every single game that goes on Apple Arcade is exclusive to the App Store, and the current list includes a bunch of games we were super excited about.

Apple Arcade is a huge threat to Google Play

That includes Oceanhorn 2, Where Cards Fall, Beyond a Steel Sky and more. Apple has made it very clear that none of these games will be available on any platform other than Apple Arcade.

That’s terrible news in and of itself, but it also doesn’t bode well for the future. If the service proves a huge success, premium developers might bypass Android altogether.

That would simply leave us with free to play gacha RPGs, match three puzzlers, and other predatory garbage.

Suffice to say, we’re very concerned. Hopefully the exclusivity will be timed or something like that because it really would be a huge loss for these games not to launch on Google Play.

Source: The Verge, Apple Arcade

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