Octagon is a game you’ll love to hate and its out now on Google Play

There are numerous endless runner type of games on mobile right now and a lot of them tend to be very similar to one another. Thankfully some of them actually try to be as different as possible even though they are in an over-saturated genre of gaming. Octagon is a little different than the typical endless runner though.

So what sets this particular game apart from the rest of the endless runners out there in Android gaming land? Well it does feature some pretty nice minimalistic visuals but it is the gameplay that is what sets it apart from the pack. This game was created for those of you out there who are hardcore at grinding games and like playing very challenging titles. Players will need to spin the in-game world as the floor moves towards you in order to keep your ball on the available spaces.

Octagon Features:

– Classic and endless game mode
– Unlimited number of randomly generated levels
– Dynamic procedural graphics with a minimalistic look
– Original soundtrack by Sqeepo
– Pure challenge with no shortcuts and cheats

Levels are randomly generated so you can’t really memorize where you need to go. It will always be different. On top of that, the game moves quite fast and adding all that to the fact you have to spin the world to keep the floor underneath you, this is what makes this game challenging.

You can pick up a copy of Octagon off of Google Play for free. You’ll probably love it as much as you will end up hating it, in a good way of course.

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