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[UPDATE: Game Released] Don’t Be Squared from SuperHippo Games arrives this week

The last game we reported on from SuperHippo Games was Pirate Legends TD. Their latest release isn’t a tower defense game. It is a side-scrolling action game that has plenty of intriguing characters, and a game mechanic that will have you rapidly drawing paths to overcome obstacles in the game. Don’t Be Squared is set to release this Thursday, June 30th for Android and iOS.


Musical Odyssey Lost in Harmony is available for Android today, World Cancer Day

Using the medium of video games to create a compelling story has been happening for many years now. The ability to tell a story and mesh it with a game, can work well if the story is right, and the gameplay elements are designed properly. Digixart Entertainment has done just that with Lost in Harmony. It is a beautiful and engaging game that tells an important and heartwarming story. It is now available to download in the Play Store.


[UPDATE: Game Released] Mount your steed. Arcane Knight is coming to Android in the near future.

Corvus Games will soon release a fascinating action-based endless runner game entitled Arcane Knight. Yes, another endless runner. Though the endless runner genre is overcrowded with games, if it looks fun to play, I can’t help but download them to try them out. I for one never tire of endless runners. There is always space on my devices for one or two really good ones. Especially when they throw in a little twist. Corvus games has done that with Arcane Knight. Mount your steed and get ready for combat in this impressive looking medieval combat game.


Dream Dodger is a Triple-A endless runner from indie developers Digital Faces

Digital Faces is an indie developer that has released their first mobile game onto Android called Dream Dodger. This is an endless runner style of game that has been in development for the last two and a half years. In fact the story behind Dream Dodger is actually pretty interesting, but that will be for another article. To give you a hint though, the challenge was to code a Triple-A style of endless runner with having very little in the way of coding experience. Like we said, it’s an interesting story.