Day: 4 February 2016


Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle begins The Super Warrior of Destruction boss event and giveaway today

Bandai Namco’s Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle has begun hosting a new in-game boss event called The Super Warrior of Destruction for players to partake in as well as a giveaway surrounding the event. Like most in-game events, this one is only for a limited period of time where players will be going up against the super-strong Broly enemy and new event maps to battle across.


Bounce your way through Sir’s self discovery in Bounce Sir, now available from Google Play

Released by Nisuboy, Bounce Sir is a new endless “bouncer” that’s been released on to the Android platform. Players will follow the journey of Sir, a little orange ball with a mustache. What players will do is, using a swipe gesture on the screen, trace out a short line that Sir will bounce on top of (a la Doodle Jump), only it’s up to the player to determine its size and angle.


Stylish and flawlessly implemented Skate Lines game gets a sequel this Summer in Skate Lines 2

I reviewed Skate Lines in a Weekend Play Game Review in February of last year. It is a game that was created by independent game developer and skater, Daniel Stefan Zeller. It was great news to hear from Mr. Zeller recently, that his latest game, Skate Lines 2, would be making its way to Android and iOS sometime this summer. The original game was fun to play, stylish and had this really chill vibe about it. After watching the trailer for the sequel, more of that greatness returns, and so much more has been added.


Musical Odyssey Lost in Harmony is available for Android today, World Cancer Day

Using the medium of video games to create a compelling story has been happening for many years now. The ability to tell a story and mesh it with a game, can work well if the story is right, and the gameplay elements are designed properly. Digixart Entertainment has done just that with Lost in Harmony. It is a beautiful and engaging game that tells an important and heartwarming story. It is now available to download in the Play Store.


[UPDATE: Game Released] TinyCo announces a new sim adventure game called Marvel Avengers Academy

TinyCo and Marvel have teamed up for a new mobile game based around the Avengers called Marvel Avengers Academy. In this game players will be building their own Super Hero school and guiding the paths of world-famous characters. These characters aren’t adults, but complex young adults who are grappling with newly emerging powers while trying to maintain social lives.


[UPDATE: Game Released] Adventures of Mana from Square Enix will be landing on Android this Thursday

Square Enix has been talking about release a remake for the original Mana game throughout the later part of last year on and off. Depending on where you live, you’ll know this game under a different name, such as with North America it is known as Final Fantasy Adventure. Well Square Enix released a new teaser trailer for this game the other day along with the news that it will be launching worldwide this Thursday.