Stylish and flawlessly implemented Skate Lines game gets a sequel this Summer in Skate Lines 2

I reviewed Skate Lines in a Weekend Play Game Review in February of last year. It is a game that was created by independent game developer and skater, Daniel Stefan Zeller. It was great news to hear from Mr. Zeller recently, that his latest game, Skate Lines 2, would be making its way to Android and iOS sometime this summer. The original game was fun to play, stylish and had this really chill vibe about it. After watching the trailer for the sequel, more of that greatness returns, and so much more has been added.

If you enjoy games that focus on skateboarding, then I hope you have played Skate Lines, from Daniel Zeller and Agens AS. The game is set up in a side-scrolling format, with a very unique control system that works exceptionally well. You have a control wheel of sorts that allows you to pick which tricks you pull off in different combinations. I have included a link to my original review at the end of this article. What is more important to know now, is that the sequel is shaping up nicely. We are eagerly anticipating this game coming out this summer.

“Skate Lines 2 is aiming to be the best and most beautiful skateboarding game for mobile platforms as of 2016. The game is focusing on textbook trick performance and great style, combined with a very refined and nuanced control system designed with mobile in mind. Every moment in the gameplay can be recorded as a video sequence. Super easy to share your perfect line or epic fail on YouTube, Instagram or Facebook.” – Agens AS

Skate Lines 2 Features:

The game gives you precise control over your own customized skater. Real world skating and a plethora of real world tricks in famous skate locations performed with an easy to use interface.

  • Meditative free skate mode with different challenges to complete in order to progress in the game.
  • Race an opponent skater AI to a finish line
  • Copy different tricks in a sequence
  • Do a single trick down a rail or gap
  • And many more

What I enjoyed about the original game was the flawless gameplay and the stylish visuals and backdrops. This returns in Skate Lines 2, and has been upgraded with more elements in the background, as well as weather effects. The original game did have day and night sequences, and this returns as well. You will have the opportunity to travel to famous skateboarding spots in Barcelona, Los Angeles and Oslo.

A skateboarding game is only as good as its controls, and Skate Lines had easy to use controls. If you haven’t played this game already, you should download it now. As a matter of fact, watching the latest trailer, had me firing up the original game, to catch a few lines before getting some work done. The game is fun to play and relaxing at the same time, hence the chill vibe I mentioned at the beginning of this article.

The first trailer is fascinating conceptually, and ties into new gameplay features that will be part of the game. It foreshadows some of the great things that have been designed for the player to enjoy in Skate Lines 2, while being part of the larger gaming/skateboarding community. It should be a fun game to play, like its predecessor. If you want to check out the first game, we have included that link below for you too. As we learn more about Skate Lines 2, we will pass it on to you. Stay on the lookout for any updates from DroidGamers.

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