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Neko Golf Anime Golf brings hyper-action to putting on mobile

If you’re a fan of both anime and golf, Neko Golf Anime Golf may be the game for you. Making its western debut, the new mobile game aims to bring all of anime’s hyper-intensity to the sport of putting balls. 

Neko Golf Anime Golf birdies onto mobile 

Developed by COLOP, Inc, Neko Golf Anime Golf is available right now! Hosted on the Google Play Store, the free anime golfing title is available to download on your phone or tablet of choice. 

Inspired by the likes of Everybody’s Golf, this game features crisp 3D anime visuals. You’ll get to customise your playable avatar with a selection of cute, colourful outfits, then head out to the green to thwack balls. 

Designed exclusively for mobile, you’ll find brilliantly intuitive touch controls. Using a combination of taps and flicks, you’ll easily find a rewarding and engaging experience. In fact, in the hour-or-so we put into it to write this, we didn’t want to stop playing. 

Of course, there are free-to-play mechanics here, that’s to be expected nowadays, but they’re not too egregious. For the most part, customisation is monetised in gachas. However, new clubs and levelling up old clubs can also be fast-tracked with real money. 

Nevertheless, this is a fun time on mobile. If you want to give it a go, check it out here on the Google Play Store. 

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Does it rival Apple’s exclusive? 

Of course, the biggest question to ask is whether or not Neko Golf Anime Golf is better than Apple’s best exclusive: Clap Hanz Golf. Honestly, not exactly, as Clap Hanz isn’t bogged with microtransactions.  

However, outside of its business strategy, this golf game is pretty damn good, at least for now. Only time will tell if the game gets more dependent on spending to succeed, but we’re doing pretty well so far.  

Hopefully, one day, Clap Hanz will release on Android. Until then, this is the best anime-themed golf game on mobile, and it’s pretty darn fun!

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