Free 9S Character As NieR: Automata Event Hits Champions Of The Continent

Feature image for our news piece on the Octopath NieR collab. It shows sprites of 2B and 9S in-game, with 2B telling 9S 'Stop calling me ma'am.'

Two big names in the gaming world unite this week, as the Octopath Traveller mobile title, Octopath Traveller: Champions Of The Continent teams up with Yoko Taro’s RPG masterpiece NieR: Automata.

The Octopath NieR event kicks off on the 22nd of March, so you’ve only got three days to wait.

The Android Trio Drop Into Orsterra

Square Enix has released a short trailer onto their YouTube channel to let players know what they have to look forward to. Several of Automata’s beloved android characters become available to play, with 2B, 9S, and A2 set to make an appearance, albeit in teeny tiny little pixel sprite form. They’ve even got their Pods, too.

You won’t have to desperately roll for all the characters. 9S is set to be available for free to anyone who participates in the event, so you’re guaranteed to get at least one.

How do the android trinity translate over to COTC’s class system? Well, the trailer gives us some insight into that too. 9S is in the Merchant class, 2B lands into Warrior, while the rogue Android A2 is a rogue in more ways than one in the Thief class.

A New Storyline?

The collaboration isn’t simply a cosmetic one either. The event promises an all-new storyline about how a bunch of robot people from apocalyptic sci-fi ended up in the fantasy world of Orsterra. We can’t wait to see how they pull that one off.

Champions Of The Continent is a mobile prequel to the first Octopath Traveller. Set in a world of medieval fantasy, it follows the stories of a number of different protagonists pursuing complex stories. All of them relate to three concepts that are the core of the stories, and the systems of the world. Wealth, power, and fame.

The game retains the mainline series’ distinctive and undeniably adorable art style.

Does the Octopath NieR: Automata part interest you the most? Check out our news piece on the NieR: Automata Android emulation.

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