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OneBit Adventure is Now in Open Beta

OneBit Adventure is a pixel-art free-to-play roguelike game where you take on hordes of aggressive enemies. If you’re a fan of roguelike games and pixel-art graphics, OneBit Adventure is the game for you.

OneBit Adventure – A roguelike worth trying

I love a good indie game and OneBit Adventure looks to be exactly that. Since the game is only in Open Beta, we can expect more good things to come. But, as of right now there are a plethora of enemies to battle and several classes to choose from at the start of each life.

Each class has unique abilities and different weaknesses. The Blood Knight bleeds when bats attack, the Warrior is afraid of spiders and the Necromancer is weak against reapers. A lot of thought has gone into OneBit Adventure, and I am sure if given some time, it could end up being a must-play.

If you are interested in the Open Beta of OneBit Adventure, then you can grab a copy from the Play Store.

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