OnLive Inc brings cloud gaming to Android… to watch at first anyways

OnLive Inc, for those of you who haven’t heard about them, is a company that offers instant gaming of major game titles to your TV, PC or Mac. While normally you would have to have these games installed on your PC/Mac or own the game for your console system, OnLive lets you play them via ‘the cloud’. The Android app turns this into a spectator sport.

The basic idea behind OnLive’s Android app (and iPad version as well) is to allow people to join games that are in progress and watch them. It’s like gamer TV but on the go. Currently only for the Galaxy Tablet, when regarding the Android version, you’ll be able to login to the application, join a game and watch it.

There are also some social features that come along with the application as well. You’ll be able to:

  • View Brag video clips and rate them. Brag clips are short videos of amazing moves someone has pulled off or other things like funny screw-ups
  • Watch game trailers
  • Meet friends, send messages to them, add your favorite players
  • Watching games has no premium limit! You’ll be able to check out levels far into games that are premium titles without having to pay.


While the whole concept is a bit of a novelty, watching people play games while you’re on the move, the company also states that it will be bringing actual game playing abilities to the app in the future! Of course this will more then likely be a subscription/fee based service when it does happen.

No word on if Android phone support will happen or when we can expect actual gaming abilities to be implemented. At the time of writing, the OnLive application is not visible on the Android Market yet.

Developer Website: OnLive Inc

Website Referenced: IntoMobile

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