Only One will let you push people off a pillar in the sky to their death

A rather entertaining little retro looking game is heading our way in a few days called Only One. Developed by Rebel Binary, this game puts you in charge of your character who is somehow on top of a rather large pillar, way up in the sky, with the ultimate goal of pushing your enemies off of said pillar and hearing them scream as they fall to their brutal deaths far below.

With your trusty magical sword, you will have to survive waves of different types of enemy troops who are hell bent on pushing you off of the pillar instead of having that fate bestowed upon them. It isn’t just about swinging a sword and hoping it hits an enemy either. There are both parry and shield mechanics you can use as well.

Only One Features:

– Retro pixel art graphics and music
– Physics based sword combat with parry and shield mechanics
– Upgrade your character over time with better stats and really cool abilities like push, freeze, bubble, whirlwind and dart
– 70 levels of soldiers, slimes, archers, wizards, loot gnomes, berserkers and mini bosses
– Push your opponents off the pillar for easy kills and more points or strike them where they stand to get their loot
– Ladder based levelling with checkpoints every 10 levels, score resets each time you die

The Android version of this game will also have controller support, for those of you who dig mobile gaming with a game controller. As for when Only One will launch, right now it is slated to be released onto Google Play February 7th, 2014. You can check out the game in action, and the screams of terror, in the trailer below.

Developer Website: Rebel Binary

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