Open source retro RPG called Andor’s Trail, gets a rather large update

Andor’s Trail has been on the Android Market for quite some time already and being that the code is open source, it will be there for some time to come too. Recently it received an update that brought a whole lot to the game, bringing it to another level of retro RPG goodness.

Andor’s Trailer is a quest-driven roguelike RPG title from Oskar Wiksten that has been gracing the Android Market for awhile now and has received constant updates the entire time. Your mission is to uncover the truth about your brother and, along the way, battle it out with a plethora of monsters, gain new gear, complete quests and all the good stuff you find in a very detailed RPG title. Here is the official changelog for the latest update:

  • Skills
  • Bulk selection interface
  • Virtual D-pad
  • Changed inventory of most shops
  • Changed shop prices of most items
  • Unlimited savegame slots
  • 54 new maps
  • 7 new quests
  • Over 1000 new lines of dialogue
  • 93 new items, 115 new monsters
  • Improvements for keyboard support
  • Reduced memory footprint
  • Fixes for display issues on Motorola Droid X and Samsung Galaxy S2



Being that this game is open source you can jump on board and help built it, download the source code or help out in any other ways you want to. Also being open source means this game is always being worked on so parts of the world may not be completed yet, depending on how far into it you are that is. For fans of roguelike RPG titles, this has been a staple on Android for awhile and if you haven’t had a chance to play it yet, you should. It’s available for free to download.

Developer Website: Oskar Wiksten

Android Market Link: Andor’s Trail

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