OrangePixel releases new preview video of upcoming platform game INC. Xperia Play controls included.

Our friends over at OrangePixel have been hard at work with their upcoming platformer called INC. Featuring great retro-style graphics and side-scrolling arcade action gameplay, INC is already shaping up to look pretty awesome. Even better though is that this will support Xperia Play controls!

We have been keeping an eye on the development blog OrangePixel has going with their new game INC. Not only is another in-game video preview always a pleasant surprise but the even bigger news is that they already have it working on the Xperia Play using the controls that come with the device. OrangePixel has also hinted at Xperia Play control support for their other games as well such as Meganoid. This is great news for Xperia Play owners.

INc is still early in development though so there will be a bit of a wait before it is released. Until then, enjoy the new video.

Developer Website: OrangePixel

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