Order and Chaos MMORPG second content update now available for Android

Back in late September Gameloft released information about the second content update that would be coming to their subscription-based 3D MMORPG called Order and Chaos. While the iOS version received the update first, most Android players expected the update to take a few month to come our way.

Well guess what? It came a lot faster than expected and it is now available for you to download and enjoy. This new content update comes with a whole new dungeon in the TearCoast region, geared toward the level 25 normal crowd and the level 60 legendary crowd as well and will be called Knahswahs Prison.

Update Features:

  • 2nd dungeon, including exploration mode
    • Normal and legend modes
    • Map of the region adjusted and dungeon icon added accordingly
    • Dungeon map included
    • Dungeon loading screen included
  • New high-level items
  • New ‘sit’ emote added
  • 1 new pet (dropped by Kermode in Relic’s Key dungeon)
  • Added a full set effect
  • Added a target arrow
  • Added a ‘hiding helmet’ switch• Team map display improved
  • Black list function improved
  • Exhausting value modified
  • Defense attributes modified



The update included everything we originally thought it would plus there were probably some tweaks and bug fixes done in the background as well. You can download the new update and get to gear hunting inside the new Knahswahs Prison dungeon right now!

Thanks to Artur for the heads up!

Developer Website: Gameloft

Android Market Link: Order & Chaos

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