Oregon Trail to be paid homage in a zombie filled title called Organ Trail

The Oregon Trail, a game from back in the day that is still popular and has had many revamps and spin-offs over the years, now has a new indie game development team working on a title which will pay homage to this classic. Currently being developed by a team calling themselves The Men Who Wear Many Hats, this new game will be filled with zombies and pixel art.

This new tribute game is called Organ Trail and is actually a Flash game right now. However, the developers are bringing the ‘Director’s Cut’ of the game to both Android and iOS soon. Both the Flash version and this new mobile version will be side-scrolling that will pit you up against scenarios in which you have to solve and survive. These scenarios are also filled with zombies and the possibility of having multiple organs eaten by said zombies.

Unlike the free Flash version of the game, this Director’s Cut edition will have many new features such as a completely revamped user interface, boss battles, car upgrades and different gameplay modes. It will also maintain the look the original game had back on the Apple II. Organ Trail will also not be free and when it is released onto Android, it will cost you about $1.99 to get your nostalgic fix. If you haven’t played the free Flash version yet, you can do so over at the developer’s website. We are guessing that the Director’s Cut will be a lot more bloody as well.

No word just yet on when this well land on the Google Play store.

Developer Website: The Men Who Wear Many Hats

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

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