Day: April 16, 2012

Game News

Apptopia lets developers auction off their apps and games to new owners

It’s every developer’s dream to make a fortune off their apps, but the reality is only a small percentage of apps make enough money to send a developer into an early retirement. Sometimes apps literally become more trouble than they’re work. Instead of remaining the captain of a sinking ship, developers can choose to sell their app in its entirety on a newly-opened site called Apptopia.

Game News

PSA: Fake Angry Birds for Android Contain Malware

For those that go where no man has gone before, internet wise, for free application and games, may want to reconsider. It seems that a version of Rovio’s newest hit, Angry Birds: Space, is laced with malware and found floating (no pun intended) around. If the copy of Angry Birds: Space currently installed in your device came from anywhere but Google Play, you may be putting yourself at risk.