Organ Trails devs announce their next game: Wizards & Warp Drives

PAX East 2013 is well under way now and plenty of gaming news is flowing out of this year’s event. The creative minds behind the rather twisted version of Oregon Trail, called Organ Trail, have announced a new game that they are working on and it is a rather uniquely themed shmup called Wizards & Warp Drives.

As the story goes, a dark wizard decided to conquer a some sort of fantasy world and in the process he inadvertently blasts himself, a handful of heroes, and a big dragon into space. You know, the typical story of how things go. So now that everyone is floating around in space, that is where the battle is going to take place. At the helm of a ship, you’ll be shooting down all of the evil wizard’s minions as well as trying to prevent him from actually conquering something.

While the background story for the game is slightly weird, it actually gets a little more strange. Wizards & Warp Drives features a class system, some huge randomly generated enemy ships to fight, and vampires. Luckily, if you have a friend nearby you can engage in local co-op multiplayer mode in order to better navigate this insanity.

So when can you get your hands on Wizards & Warp Drives? Well the developers are stating it should be ready in around six months so sometime this Fall.

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

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