Out Now for Android – Transworld Endless Skater – Endless Skating Fun

It wasn’t too long ago that we heard about this title coming to Android. It combines two categories that have had much success in the gaming community. They are endless runners and skateboarding. Not that this type of game hasn’t been attempted before, but with Supervillain Studios and TransWorld SKATEboarding at the helm, their synergy has created a game with a considerable amount of entertainment.

Supervillain Studios is known for their excellent tower defense game Tower Wars on PC, as well as Order Up and Glacier Rush for mobile devices. TransWorld SKATEboarding has been the premiere media outlet for the skateboarding community for over thirty years.  You may also want to know that some of the original game designers from Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater franchise were part of the development team.

In TransWorld Endless Skater, play as one of five world-renowned professional skateboarders: Danny Way, Christian Hosoi, Lyn-Z Adams Hawkins-Pastrana, Sean Malto or Ryan Decenzo. Each authentic skater promotes their sponsors with gear from real brands like Vans, DC Shoes, Globe, Nike SB, Plan B, Nixon, Darkstar and more. Players can compete with friends for high scores, upgrade their skills, unlock new zones and discover each professional skater’s signature tricks. Powerups and all new game-play mode allow players to boost their stats and extend overall gameplay time. – Supervillain Studios

TransWorld Endless Skater Features:

– Upgradable stats to expand gameplay, combos, scores and performance.
– Discover and master over 30 different grind, grab, spin, and flip tricks with endless combinations.
– New mission and gameplay structure: 30 missions with 3 goals in each. As players progress, secure skate TransWORLD Skateboard magazine covers.
– Powerups allow players to boost their stats and extend gameplay time.
– Two different, ever-changing environments – The School and The Rooftops.
– Discover hidden signature tricks from each professional skater.

After a few runs, you can tell there is depth to the combos available and to the game in general. The controls utilize a combination of swipes to pull off different tricks and they give you the ability to move from side to side. If you have a MOGA Ace or MOGA Pro Power controller, it can be used and would definitely come in handy for pulling off combos needed to obtain higher scores.

Each level has a timer. Time can be extended by satisfying the missions for each level. If you complete the missions in the level, you receive ‘coins’ and ‘bucks.’ The key thing to note here is that you have to have ‘coins’ or ‘bucks’ to increase your skaters’ ability to pull off tricks. Without those abilities you cannot complete some of the missions.  It seems as though you can get the tricks you need just by playing through the levels and/or pulling off those high-scoring combos. If you are having problems doing so, this is where the in-app purchases come in.

Transworld Endless Skater has been quite enjoyable to play so far. The graphics look pretty good and the in game soundtrack was created from Los Angeles-based independent record label No Sleep Records.  It is available to download for free in the Play Store. I will say this, the first thing you may want to do is spend the $1.99 required to remove the in-game ads. That way, you can have more fun trying to pull off those sick combos you have seen pro-skaters achieve, and you can do it without scraping your knees or breaking your bones.

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