Civilisation Builder Overlord Of Chaos Is Up For Pre-Registration

The featured image for our Overlord Of Chaos pre-registration article, featuring several characters from the game gathered and facing the camera. The tag line underneath reads "Be The Emperor".

Overlord Of Chaos, an upcoming historical city builder, has just gone up for pre-registration. The developer, UJGames, is offering some generous rewards for those that sign up before the launch on April 6.

The rewards themselves promise a five star hero, Caesar, ten recruitment tickets, and 100,000 in-game gold! Signing up will give you a drastic boost on day one, so we recommend pre-registering now.

Civilisation Builder

The game seems to take the format of a mobile city builder and extends it to a whole civilisation. During your playthrough, the game tasks you with expanding your empire, battling other guilds, and gathering resources where possible. UJGames is constantly encouraging you to “become the emperor”, as the tag line suggests, pushing you down a ruthless path.

What’s cool about Overlord Of Chaos is that it uses some of the most iconic rulers and figures from history as heroes. You’re tasked with collecting these heroes, who range from Julius Caesar, and Alexander the Great, all the way to King Arthur, and Zhao Yun, and deploying them in battle.

When you’re not taking care of your civilisation, Overlord Of Chaos’ gameplay is made up of strategic, turn-based combat. As stated earlier, you’ll be fighting other guilds and civilisations, coming across some of history’s fiercest faces!

Idle Gameplay

Don’t worry if you struggle with finding time to grind out mobile games – Overlord Of Chaos features an idle earning system. On busy days, do as little as log in in order to earn free rewards, and your empire will be ready for when you’re back full time!

You can pre-register Overlord Of Chaos on Google Play now, and play it at launch on April 6.

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