Pacific Rim movie spin-off game coming to mobile devices this Summer

Guillermo del Toro has has a new movie coming out in July called Pacific Rim and Reliance Games have been commissioned to created a movie spin-off game that will be coming to mobile phones and tablets this Summer as well. It is a safe bet to say this will be coming to Android as well as iOS even though it is labeled right now as ‘mobile devices’. In fact we are pretty confident it will be coming to Android, mainly because Qualcomm is promoting the game as well.

It also helps that Reliance Games are responsible for the newly released After Earth movie spin-off game that just arrived on Android as well. So what is Pacific Rim The Mobile Game about? Well for starters it is based off of the upcoming Pacific Rim movie but in this game players will be charged with protecting the world’s most famous cities from the Kaijus, monstrous aliens that have risen from the seas to destroy humanity.

In order to do this, players will take command of a Jaeger which happens to be a giant, heavily armed robot. You’ll start off as a rookie and as you progress through the game your ranking will increase, with the goal being to become an ace Jaeger pilot. You’ll be able to discover different combo attacks to unleash and new weapons to use as well as upgrading your Jaeger. There will also be a survival mode that you can play with your upgraded Jaeger robots.

While there is no specific released date for Pacific Rim The Mobile Game right now, the movie is slated to hit theaters July 12th, 2013 so the game should be available at around the same time. No word on pricing yet but we do have a trailer for you to check out above.

Developer Website: Reliance Games

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