Day: 6 June 2013


Warner Bros announces a movie spin-off game for Man of Steel, coming June 14th

Warner Bros. have announced an official movie spin-off game for their upcoming movie Man of Steel. The game, which will have the same name as the movie, is an action-adventure game based off of the movie that is about to hit theaters soon. Phosphor Games have been hired on to make the Man of Steel mobile game which is no surprise as it seems a few companies are now becoming ‘the norm’ when it comes to movie spin-off titles.


Pacific Rim movie spin-off game coming to mobile devices this Summer

Guillermo del Toro has has a new movie coming out in July called Pacific Rim and Reliance Games have been commissioned to created a movie spin-off game that will be coming to mobile phones and tablets this Summer as well. It is a safe bet to say this will be coming to Android as well as iOS even though it is labeled right now as ‘mobile devices’. In fact we are pretty confident it will be coming to Android, mainly because Qualcomm is promoting the game as well.


Square Enix to bring Deus Ex: The Fall to Android, showing off Mini Ninjas at E3 as well

Square Enix has a couple more games slated to be arriving onto Android soon which they will also be showing off at E3 2013 as well. The next installment into the Deus Ex franchise will be making its way to Android, officially titled Deus Ex: The Fall, while Square Enix has another game called Mini Ninjas which has already arrived onto Google Play but are showing it off at E3 2013 anyways.


Zynga closes down Draw Something developer OMGPop

Zynga is having some troubles these days when it comes to making money and unfortunately some of their recent acquisitions are going to be suffering for this with the first one being OMGPop. Zynga has closed down OMGPop and terminated the employment of pretty much everyone from the company already. The ones who are still there have a choice to train Zynga employees on what to do over the next two month or leave now. If they leave, their severance packages will, unfortunately, be slashed as well.