EA’s Supreme Heroes TCG now available worldwide for everyone

Back in April of this year EA released a multiplayer TCG called Supreme Heroes onto Google Play in a limited soft launch where the game was only available in three countries. Well apparently the testing is over and Supreme Heroes is now available for everyone as the company has released the game worldwide on Google Play.

For those of you who missed our previous article on Supreme Heroes, this game is more of a comic book style TCG with the cards available being a way for you to customize your hero that you can create to your liking in this game. Once you’ve selected your hero and begun customizing him or her with unique abilities, which are represented by the cards in your deck totaling over 1000 different gear and ability cards, you’ll set out to wage war against a variety of opponents.

Supreme Heroes Features:

– Customize their superhero with over 1000 costume pieces
– Collect and strategically manage gear and ability cards to increase their powers
– Send their hero into battle for supremacy
– Play hundreds of escalating quests and missions
– Join leagues and fight alongside friends and allies
– Earn rewards for their strategic skills
– Drive a one-of-a-kind comic story

There seems to be a good split when it comes to single-player and multiplayer content in this game. However, as with all TCG titles, the multiplayer gaming is where a lot of the meat is at. It also helps that there is an entire ‘guild’ system, called Leagues, in Supreme Heroes including the ability for leagues to battle it out.

If you’re up for another TCG title to try out, you can download Supreme Heroes off of Google Play for free.


Google Play Link: Supreme Heroes (North America) | Supreme Heroes (International)

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