Paper Sorcerer is an upcoming full-sized RPG for Android that is drawn by hand

We hear about developers who take the road less traveled on a fairly regular basis. A one or two man team making a game that has the polish that could rival that of a major studio has happened before and we’ve reported on it. However, Paper Sorcerer by Jesse Gallagher is an entire RPG for Android and possibly Ouya that was drawn completely by hand… all of it.

Paper Sorcerer isn’t just a small little RPG with a few sketches, this is a full-sized RPG with a staggering 41 dungeons that players can try to make their way through. If you accomplish that, there are an additional nine dungeons to unlock afterwards. Did we mention this is completely drawn by hand? And the art is very reminiscent of what you used to see in the old school Fighting Fantasy or Dungeons & Dragons books, there are no stickmen here.

Players will have over 300 different skill that they can learn while they progress through the game. Everything is turn-based when it comes to combat while movement is more along the lines of a point-and-click adventure game. In all the game has taken over 600 pages of sketches, 200 pages of notes, two six-packs of markers, and three bottles of ink, not to mention over 70 revisions.

As for when Paper Sorcerer will launch on Google Play or for how much it will cost, no details on that have been released but we shouldn’t have to wait too long to get our hands on it. If you’re up for checking out an interview with Jesse Gallagher, hit up the source link below to head over to Redbull’s interview with a very dedicated developer.

Website Referenced: Redbull

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