Paragon Pioneers is a City-Building Game, Out Now for Android

Who doesn’t love building a city? And if it’s a fantasy city? Well, that’s even better, right? Anyone who answered those questions with a big fat yes should probably pick up Paragon Pioneers, which is live on the Play Store right now.

The game sees you building a society on a new island, spreading out and putting up all manner of buildings. The key is keeping your new citizens happy and making sure they’ve got everything they need.

There’s an idle component to the game as well – life continues even when you put your phone down. There are over 100 different buildings to create, and more than 70 kinds of goods to create. Here’s a trailer.

You’ll spread your empire across multiple islands, building a fleet, taking back land from orcs and generally having a lovely old time doing it. And the best thing is, the game is premium.

That’s right, you pay once and you’ve got everything forever. What an intriguing business model. If you’d like to give Paragon Pioneers a go, you can click here to download it from the Play Store. It’ll set you back $3.99.

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