Parallel Kingdom A.O.E.

Parallel Kingdom: Age of Emergence was released this month by developer PerBlue and brings a cool twist to the typical GPS games available on the Android market. For one you have a radius in which you can move your character without actually having to move unlike most GPS games which need you to physically move to accomplish things.

Parallel Kingdom is a MMORPG GPS game. You can talk with, fight or visit other players inside the game worls which uses your phones GPS to overlay the game world on top of the real world.

You can place flags, gather resources, build buildings, plant trees, make items and fight a variety of monsters or other players. There’s also quest areas where you can go into caves or dungeons and kill monsters and gain money/EXP by yourself or with other players.

Other features include:

– 9 different skills to master

– Weapons to weild

– Rankings

– Collect and craft over 50 items

– Form alliances

– In-game trading with other players

– Sail oceans

– Claim territories by placing Flags

– Establish cities

– Control Minions

– Wage war

GPS games are pretty popular and this one claims to have over 100,000 players already so now is a pretty good time to jump in if you like GPS games and MMORPG games. It is extremely in-depth, big and detailed with basically unlimited replay value.  This is available free on the Android market. You know it’s a good game when numerous other sites have given this game high praise including TechCrunch, Mashable, AndroidGuys and HTC Source just to name a few.

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Developer Website: Parallel Kingdom

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