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Sneak peek at Haypi Kingdom MMORPG for Android

Haypi Kingdom is a free MMORPG from the iOS platform that will be making the great jump over to the Android OS in the very near future. If you have every played games like Ages of Empires, Warcraft or Ceasary, then you will already have an idea about how this game works. Another time-based game, it features deep gameplay with lots of goodies to keep you busy.


Lands of Hope MMORPG now playable on Android

As I mentioned in the World of Dragons article about browser-based MMORPGs jumping into the mobile arena as one of the next trends, today an announcement was made that indeed another has made it’s way to mobile. While not the graphically pretty kind it is a great old school RPG game, called Lands of Hope, which you can now play via your Android browser.