Day: 10 November 2010


[Update] Warzone by Sigmasoft

Here at DroidGamers we try and highlight what’s important and popular, but we try to highlight what we think has potential to be as well. Warzone’s is Sigmasoft’s first Android Market release and it’s genre can best be described as a mix between 2D tower defense and tank battle. Sigmasoft’s first title is  and we think it’s a perfect example of an underdone masterpiece in the works.


Pocket Legends MMORPG now available for Android

Super MMORPG game Pocket Legends for the iOS is now available for Android as well. Coming out of closed beta status, Pocket Legends is a 3D MMORPG with in-game purchases and even an auction/trading style system for you to get rid of unwanted gear. It’s a big game too with updates for content, quests and more all the time.


Sneak peek at Haypi Kingdom MMORPG for Android

Haypi Kingdom is a free MMORPG from the iOS platform that will be making the great jump over to the Android OS in the very near future. If you have every played games like Ages of Empires, Warcraft or Ceasary, then you will already have an idea about how this game works. Another time-based game, it features deep gameplay with lots of goodies to keep you busy.


Ancient Frog puzzler leaps from iOS onto Android

Ever wanted to play a puzzle game but be able to relax at the same time? Not get frustrated with the game but just simply sit back and enjoy it, almost like you were meditating? Ancient Frog provides just that. Developed by Ancient-Workshop, this award winning iOS game has made the leap from iOS and landed on the Android platform.