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Here at DroidGamers we try and highlight what’s important and popular, but we try to highlight what we think has potential to be as well. Warzone’s is Sigmasoft’s first Android Market release and it’s genre can best be described as a mix between 2D tower defense and tank battle. Sigmasoft’s first title is  and we think it’s a perfect example of an underdone masterpiece in the works.

Warzone is 2D classic tank warfare with elements from tower defense mixed in by keeping the player stationary and the enemies moving it’s similar to actually being one of the towers in your favorite tower defense games. Units and tanks are extremely well rendered in Warzone. Sigmasoft has also designed a “state of the art” physics engine that controls how bullets affect their targets – very large tanks. Control is very simple, yet unintuitive. Choosing one of the 4 types of ammo is an important part of the strategy in Warzone.  Mega ammo shows laser sights for exactly where it will hit when fired, red is unlimited but slow firing and rapid fire is (predictably) a quick way to fire the standard shell but much faster.

When things get out of control and too many things are covering the screen you can always clear it using a Nuke if you happen to have one, collected from para-drops in the level. Sliding a finger across the ‘Gun Control’ pad selects your aim and once you’ve selected your ammo lifting your finger off the bar will fire your weapon. Physics comes into play once you fire your ammo, occasionally causing the ammo bounce from one tank to another. Often you may actually need take advantage of this feature to win and it’s a nice concept, it adds to the game.

Watch (YouTube 1080P):
Gameplay Video – 5 Minutes long.

There are currently only three available game modes right now and they offer very little variation. The first, known as Wave mode is typical tower defense style with increasing speed and difficulty over time. The second, Zen mode is a random assortment of tanks attacking at a steady pace. The Run mode is the third mode in which the player has unlimited lives as needs to kill as many tanks as possible in the alloted time, in the rest of the world it’s known as time-attack or time-trial.

Unfortunately in Warzone there are no upgrades for the player to unlock right now and the game has no aspects of persistent gameplay. Nothing except high scores are saved to your user profile right now, a sad thing when so much more could be done with this game. Upgrades and online leaderboards fit this type of game perfectly. Without any sort of player customization the game feels pretty repetitive after three or four goes at each game type. Games like this need compelling upgrades and online features to stay relevant for more than 5 minutes.

Warzone is a perfect example of what could still be if the developer sticks with this game; however, it could also be another example of shovelware on the Android market if it doesn’t get the attention it deserves. At $0.99 cents we would say buy this game, but for Sigmasoft’s $2.74 current asking price in the US we would recommend waiting until the price drops. It was just too high. SigmaSoft has since lowered the price of Warzone to the low, low price of 99 cents and the developer has officially commited to improvements over time. We’ll be reviewing Warzone later in the year or early next year when those updates come our way.

Related | [Update] Warzone updated price of 99 cents. We recommend buying now to get in for the great updates coming soon from SigmaSoft.

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