More Galaxy Tablet news – New 7-inch Super AMOLED version teased and 10.1-inch version prototype

If you haven’t had your fill of the Galaxy Tablet in the news yet then you’re in luck as a double header landed early this morning regarding a new 7-inch Galaxy Tablet by Samsung which includes their new, thinner Super AMOLED screen technology. On top of that, a possible prototype of the rumored 10.1-inch version of the Galaxy Tablet was also spotted.

The 7-inch Super AMOLED version of the Galaxy Tablet was displayed at FPD 2010 and that screen and the crispness of the images it displays is something to drool over. Sporting a 2:1 ratio at a 1200×600 resolution, this 7-inch version of the newly released tablet comes with all the current hardware of the normal Galaxy Tablet (at least right now) but with Samsung’s new screen technology.

This new screen technology is thinner, brighter and more responsive and really doesn’t disappoint at all. Gaming on one of these bad boys would be fantastic. No word yet on exactly when this will hit the public market.

Samsung also had a 10.1-inch Galaxy Tablet looking device spotted as well. While Samsung is dubbing it an electronic book reader, it looks a whole lot like a Galaxy Tablet. On display at FPD 2010, the 10.1-inch panel is a 1.8-mm thick LCD prototype features a 1,024 x 600 pixel panel resolution, 250nits brightness, 1,000:1 contrast. Apparently it is also unbreakable.


While you early adopters of the Galaxy Tablet might be a little upset at the sudden idea of two new versions of the Galaxy Tablet being available in the near future, gaming on even the first gen Galaxy Tablet will still be great so I wouldn’t get too upset over it. The 10.1-inch could be turned into a full blown tablet with a few minor tweaks and be out in time for the rumored 2011 launching of a Samsung’s 10-inch tablet.

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