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Part Time UFO, by Kirby developer HAL Laboratory, is around 50% off right now on Android

Part Time UFO Android

HAL Laboratory, the developer behind the Kirby franchise, has reduced its mobile game Part Time UFO to about 50% off.

You play as a UFO that takes on some part time work to earn a little extra cash. You’ll fly around completing a variety of odd jobs.

Part Time UFO has you taking on a variety of odd jobs for extra cash as a UFO

This includes working on a farm, suppirting cheerleaders, cooking desserts, and building castles.

There’s a lot more ways to earn some extra cash too, and you can spend it on brand new costumes that give the UFO a new appearance, alongside new abilities.

So head on over to Google Play right now and grab this intriguing mobile game while it’s going cheap.

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