PerBlue launches Parallel Zombies exclusively for Android users

PerBlue has just launched another location-based MMORPG but this time it is exclusive to Android users only. Having previously developed the fantasy themed location-based MMORPG Parallel Kingdom before heading off to release Parallel Mafia, PerBlue’s newest title, Parallel Zombies, will have you fighting for survival in your own city.

Set in a post-apocalyptic world where zombies have taken over, you will be running a wide variety of missions whether it is to rescue survivors or gather supplies. PerBlue has added a new skill system to Parallel Zombies in the form of specialized skill trees. You can change specialties at any time and re-spec your character should you feel the need to switch from a stealthy character to a heavily armed one.

There are more animations in this game over their previous titles as well so Parallel Zombies doesn’t have as much of a static feel to it. You will be able to team up with other people to complete missions and, in fact, it is encouraged. Your character can form a relationship with various NPCs as well which, as your relationship grows with those NPCs, you will earn better rewards from them from the quests they give you. You can also repeat quests if you didn’t do so good the first time around or up the difficulty if you want more of a challenge.

Parallel Zombies Features:

– Save the World – Slash through swarms of zombies as you rescue survivors and save humanity
– Animation and Music – Blood, brains, gore, and explosions will keep you pumped for more zombie destruction
– Team Up – Fight alongside other players in real time with cooperative multiplayer
– Get Stronger – Slaughter enemies to level up, earn specialized skills, and customize your character
– Deep Story – Game has a twisting plot and storyline that will keep you guessing up to the end

Running missions actually turns out to be more action-based gameplay. For instance, if you need to go into a building to find supplies, you will actually be put inside that building to hunt for those supplies while shooting zombies in the face. If you need help, partnering up with another player is always a good choice and that player will be teleported to your location so you won’t have to wait for them to walk over there.

Like their previous two games, Parallel Zombies is available for free off of the Google Play store for free. It does come with optional in-game purchases but they are actually optional and if you want to, you can play the entire game right through without spending a penny. There is actually a lot more to the game then I am mentioning here but I don’t want to spoil too much of it for you.

Developer Website: PerBlue

Google Play Link: Parallel Zombies

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