PETA gets into the Android gaming scene, puts out fake Dog Fighting game with trojan inside

You may or may not agree with the contraversial dog fighting game that is on the Android Market right now but you may or may not condone the actions of PETA either. In this case the actions have put PETA into the spotlight again but this time they aren’t throwing blood on you for wearing a fur coat.

There is an older version of the Dog Fighting game available on the Android Market that is laced with a trojan. This trojan will do activities on your phone that you haven’t authorized but in true PETA style, it’s meant to somehow embarrass you. The real dog fighting game is released under the developer Kage Games and is called KG Dogfighting. The fake one is simply called Dog Fighting and what PETA has done is laced a trojan into the app that will read your contact list and send a text message to all contacts with the following message:

I take pleasure in hurting small animals, just thought you should know that


On top of that though it will sign you up for text-based alerts which is operated by PETA as well. Obviously this could possibly rake up the phone bill depending on your plan and whether or not they charge for the text alerts on a per text basis or a monthly fee. Of course when PETA was asked about this, they denied knowing who made it but they thought it was ingenious:

“We don’t know who created this version of the app, but we think it is ingenious. When someone creates a game that glorifies animal abuse, you can bet that people will come up with clever, smart ways to take action against it.”


Luckily for anyone worried about getting the game and this trojan, it isn’t available on the Android Market. However, you can get this older infected version from various warez sites on the internet. The official name for this by Symantec is Android.Dogowar and according to Symantec it injects code onto the infected device in a package called “Dogbiet”. You will also notice that the icon for the game in your app tray will say PETA instead of BETA. Witty isn’t it?

Website Referenced: CNet

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