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Large Minecraft fan site Lifeboat hacked with over 7million accounts affected, mainly for Pocket Edition

Fan sites and generally anything online getting hacked isn’t always news, even when it is video gaming related. However, when they are big in terms of accounts affected, like the Playstation hacks, it tends to get noticed. So far Minecraft on any platform has managed to stay fairly secure but unfortunately that isn’t the case anymore as a major fan site for Minecraft: Pocket Edition, called Lifeboat, was hacked.

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PSA: New Android malware strain is apparently almost impossible to remove

One of the major reasons to use the proper marketplaces when grabbing the Android game or app that you want at that time is because of the security risks that are involved with shady third-party sites and torrents. There is no guarantee of what you are actually getting until it is on your device basically. There is a new strain of malware that has shown up for Android devices that is apparently ‘virtually impossible’ to remove, at least for right now.

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Google will be increasing security for apps and games installed outside of Google Play

Google has always allowed apps and games to be installed outside of Google Play, it is one of the perks of being an Android user. However security for this sort of feature has always been more based around user awareness rather than software-based security. There is the one-time verifying of installing an app or game outside of Google Play but it doesn’t go much further than that.