Day: 17 December 2015


Kamcord’s new update now allows for live gameplay streaming from any Android device

Kamcord, the company that live streams mobile gaming, has announced an update to their streaming services today. Up until now, the previous setup with Kamcord (and other apps for that matter) for streaming required special hookups and a desktop machine. Now, anyone with an Android device is able to stream their gameplay at any time, something that YouTube Gaming recently added to their application as well.


The first two games from Binary Bits lands on Android today: Sky Hoppers and Hammer Time!

Back in November 2015 we reported on The Binary Mill who had announced that they were starting up two additional brands for game releases, all of which would be situated under the Binary Mill umbrella. One of those brands, called Binary Bits, had two games in the works that were slated for release onto Android in the near future. Well that future is now and both games have arrived onto Google Play.