PewPew – top-down “geometry wars” like shooter for Android

Since Geometry Wars on the Xbox originally shipped with copies of a popular racing game, we’ve been wanting to take it mobile for years. For many, that wait is finally over and PewPew, available for free and without ads to satisfy that GW addiction. You really can’t beat awesome retro-style games sometimes.


  • Pseudo 3D geometry wars gameplay formula with a bunch of game modes.
  • Simplistic wire-frame graphics, attractive and modern looking especially stunning on AMOLED displays.
  • Slick, quick and easy to understand menus get you into and out of a game quickly and look good doing it.
  • Local and online leaderboards.
  • Replays from online leaderboards. 3D representation with adjustable viewing angles.


While trying to take the video of some of the game modes above, we discovered replay mode with the online leaderboards. It isn’t only good for making videos, it’s also extremely useful for learning how get better, and you’re going to need it. Tutorials are short and brief and this game is hard. They’re are no difficulty settings for any of the game modes, so be prepared for a challenge.

Game Modes:

Megagore: I don’t really understand the name, but Megagore is Survival mode with weapons. Limited enemies, some explode. New life, including sheilds every 10,000 points.

Dodge this: No weapons. Track down all the red boxes while avoiding enemies you have no defense against. Games last 2-3 minutes for beginner players, but many of the top on the leaderboards have 9-15 minute runs.

Assault: Destroy as many enemies as you can. Enemies come in waves. Collect power-up boxes scattered throughout the level as it progresses.

Chromatic Conflict: Kill enemies with color matching your ship. Color of ship changes in-game by moving over “pulsars”. Definitely the most interesting mode here, the game has you running back-and-forth across the map to change colors before the enemies pile up and trap you in a corner. Enemies that aren’t your color are invincible.


We definitely recommend picking up PewPew from the Android Market. You can’t beat free and the developer is still working on multiple features and bug fixes. On a side-note, if you’re having problems with slow frame rates, like I did with my HD2, go to options from the main menu and disable “wide lines” at the bottom.

Direct Market link: Android Market

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