Pinball Arcade developers Farsight Studios releases Ghostbusters pinball just in time for Halloween

Ghostbusters is a pretty iconic franchise which is enjoyable any time of the year. However when Halloween rolls around, this franchise just seems to be better. Farsight Studios has procured the rights to develop and release a fully licensed Ghostbusters pinball table and it is now available on Google Play for free, just in time for the candy-filled holiday.

The official Ghostbuters pinball table features highly detailed 3D visuals, plenty of background sounds and music, and some of the franchises more iconic characters like Slimer and the Stay Puft Marshmellow Man. Of course the four main guys are there as well: Peter, Ray and Winston. This particular pinball table actually has three different levels within it, all accessible at any time while you are playing, each level representing a part of the city: the city itself, rooftop and subway.

Like most digital pinball tables, there are specific goals you can try to achieve while you’re playing. In total, between all the levels, there are eight different flippers to use to whack the ball(s) around. Of course there are different types of bonuses as well such as multi-ball and the Ghost Bonus. One really nice touch happens when you launch a ball from its starting position as it looks like a stream from one of the Ghostbuster’s packs.

This Ghostbusters pinball table is available for download off of Google Play for free. It is a token-based style of gameplay which means players start off with ten free tokens to play with. Once you use those up, you can either wait till the next day to receive more free tokens, or purchase additional ones via IAPs in-game.

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