Pinball Arcade gets the Twilight Zone table, Elvira gets uncensored

Way back in June of this year, Farsight Studios put up their first Kickstarter campaign in order to bring one of the best pinball tables from the arcades over to their Pinball Arcade platform. The Twilight Zone table’s Kickstarter campaign was successful and after months of working on digitizing the real table, it is now available for purchase and download for anyone who has Pinball Arcade platform on Android, iOS and Mac. There is also a rumor that a Pro version may have been pushed out for the Elvira Scared Stiff table and features Elvira getting uncensored.

The Twilight Zone table is one of the best and highest rated tables to ever hit the arcades. It is also a very complex table with plenty of ramps, bonus games and other features to discover. In fact this table is considered by many pniball experts to be the most complex pinball table ever created. So if you’ve been waiting for this table to arrive since its successful Kickstarter campaign, you can now purchase it through the Pinball Arcade platform on your Android device and relive those days of dropping numerous dollars into the same tablet in real life. There is also a Pro version of the Twilight Zone table available as well.

On a related note, the Pro Elvira Scared Stiff table has arrived and in this new version there is apparently an option to turn off ‘Family Mode’. When this is turned off, Elvira’s voice-overs all become uncensored while you are playing the table. This should lead to some rather entertaining comments coming from the Mistress of Darkness.

Lastly, if you are looking for a deal to take advantage of with Pinball Arcade, the Tales of the Arabian Nights Pro version table is on sale for a limited time for only $1.99. If you haven’t downloaded the Pinball Arcade platform and want to check it out now, you can download it at any time for free off of the Google Play store.

Google Play Link: Pinball Arcade

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