Day: December 2, 2012

Game News

Run, jump and slide while shooting zombies in eXtermination by Panic Art Studios

A new retro-style action / arcade game called eXtermination has arrived onto Google Play from Panic Art Studios. Filled with plenty of cool pixel art to enjoy, eXtermination will have you running, jumping and sliding through each level while shooting hordes of zombies in the face. This game also has a pretty solid soundtrack to enjoy while you try and exterminate the zombie race.

Game News

Pinball Arcade gets the Twilight Zone table, Elvira gets uncensored

Way back in June of this year, Farsight Studios put up their first Kickstarter campaign in order to bring one of the best pinball tables from the arcades over to their Pinball Arcade platform. The Twilight Zone table’s Kickstarter campaign was successful and after months of working on digitizing the real table, it is now available for purchase and download for anyone who has Pinball Arcade platform on Android, iOS and Mac. There is also a rumor that a Pro version may have been pushed out for the Elvira Scared Stiff table and features Elvira getting uncensored.

Game News

The advent calendar returns with Angry Birds Seasons’ new Winter Wonderham update

About a week or so ago we reported on Angry Birds Seasons’ upcoming update called Winter Wonderham which we figured would be arriving December 1st, 2012 if it was going to follow the same style that past updates used with the whole advent calendar system. Sure enough the update landed yesterday and it does bring back the advent calendar format for the Angry Birds Seasons’ Christmas update once again.