Pixel Manager: Football 2020 Edition is a Modern Management Sim in a Vintage Strip

If you’re a soccer fan, chances are the only present you want this Christmas is a decent performance from your team. 

We can’t give you that, but we can gently encourage you to play Pixel Manager: Football 2020 Edition and steer your very own virtual team to glory. 

In development for two years, and closed beta for a lot of that time, Pixel Manager is a slick, stylish soccer management sim that tasks you with taking over a once-great club that’s fallen on hard times, and propelling it all the way back to the top of the league. 

Along the way you’ll get involved with every conceivable aspect of managing a soccer team, from handling your club’s finances to hiring backroom staff. You’ll spend your time buying and selling players, standing on the sidelines cheering your boys on, and much, much more. 

You can keep track of the matches in real time, watching the yellow cards, goals, substitutions rolling in as they happen. You can even see with your very own eyes how the game’s varying weather conditions affect play. 

Pixel Manager gives you millions of different possible ways to customize your players. You can model them on yourself, or Messi, or whoever your favorite player happens to be. Or you can create someone entirely new, and watch your mystery man overtake his rivals on the international stage.

But that’s just the surface stuff. The important thing is that your team is a success, and as the game plays out you’ll see them flourish. 

Winning matches earns you points and money with which to ascend through the rankings and expand your stadium, increasing your revenue in turn. It’s the oldest and most gratifying gameplay loop in the world.

There’s a shortage of deep soccer management games, and Pixel Manager is a welcome addition to the genre. Not only is it a rich, complex, well-balanced management sim, but it’s shot through with humor and presented in a nostalgia-tweaking pixel-art style, reminiscent of classics like Kick Off Player Manager and others. 

You can download Pixel Manager for free right now on Google Play and the App Store

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