Pixelbite’s Highly Acclaimed Space Marshals and Reckless Racing 3 are Currently On Sale

Pixelbite is holding a mini-sale on two of its most acclaimed Android titles. Reckless Racing 3 and Space Marshals are both currently on sale for 99c.

Reckless Racing 3, which has an average user review rating of 4.6, is a slick top-down drift racer with 36 courses, 28 vehicles, six environments, gamepad support, and a range of modes. 

Space Marshals, meanwhile, is a top-down sci-fi western in which you have to hunt for fugitives using a number of different tactical approaches. It’s an incredibly rich game with an average rating of 4.7 from over 10,000 reviews. 

It’s the bigger bargain of the two as well, selling for a quarter of its normal price. If you can’t choose between them, we fully endorse buying both.

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