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Pixelbite hints at a Space Marshals sequel and announces Space Marshals Chapter 3 is on the way

While fans of Pixelbite seem to either love their newest game Xenowerk, or thing the company could have done better with it, one thing is for certain, Pixelbite fans love their Space Marshals game. So fans should be happy as Pixelbte has not only started showing off the next and final chapter for Space Marshals, they have hinted that a sequel may happen, since they said they want to make one.


Coming this fall from Pixelbite: Reckless Racing 3

All racing fans can get excited. Pixelbite is at it again and we are pretty sure that the third time’s the charm. It was recently posted on Pixelbite’s web page that Reckless Racing 3 will arrive this fall for Android devices. For those of you that may not be familiar with Pixelbite, their games for mobile devices include: Reckless Racing, Reckless Racing 2, Reckless Getaway and Repulze.


Reckless Racing is now available for Android!

The racing game that everyone had been looking forward to is now available on the Android Market. It was originally called Deliverance, Reckless Racing has been long overdue to being released on the market. It was delayed a few times and then word about the game simply disappeared so it being available now suddenly is a surprise and a half.