Day: 15 July 2014


Out There to get a big update soon called Omega

Out There is a game of surviving outer space. Players assume the role of an astronaut that has awoken from cryonic sleep, and is now located in a far away, and unfamiliar, portion of outer space. From this remote locale you venture forth, eking out your survival by re-purposing salvage found drifting through space, skimming oxygen from planets that have it, alien tech, and the like. The game is quite difficult, per the admission of the developers on their page in Google Play, with its focus being resource management and interactive fictions. This base game costs $3.99.


Coming this fall from Pixelbite: Reckless Racing 3

All racing fans can get excited. Pixelbite is at it again and we are pretty sure that the third time’s the charm. It was recently posted on Pixelbite’s web page that Reckless Racing 3 will arrive this fall for Android devices. For those of you that may not be familiar with Pixelbite, their games for mobile devices include: Reckless Racing, Reckless Racing 2, Reckless Getaway and Repulze.


Coming Next Week to Android: Jacob Jones and the Bigfoot Mystery – A Charmingly Visual 3D Puzzler

Coming out of Liverpool, UK is one of the most charmingly visual games to be released in some time. Lucid Games will release Jacob Jones and the Bigfoot Mystery on Android next week, July 23rd and we couldn’t be more excited. It was released on IOS earlier this year to much acclaim. Graphically it is as appealing as Gesundheit by Revolutionary Concepts and Paper Monsters by Crescent Moon Games.


[Updated] Gameloft announces a release date for Modern Combat 5: Blackout

If you’ve read even a portion of our articles in the past month or so regarding Gameloft’s upcoming game Modern Combat 5: Blackout, then you should be pretty well educated on a majority of the content and features coming with the game when it gets released. One thing most people probably don’t know is when the game is actually going to come out. This is mainly because Gameloft hadn’t announced a release date, only that it would be coming this Summer.