Pixowl throws a 50% discount sale for The Sandbox

Yesterday we reported on the rather in-depth sandbox game appropriately named The Sandbox from Pixowl had finally arrived onto Google Play. While some people stated that the in-game purchases were different than that of the iOS version, Pixowl did get in touch with us to let us know that they are actually the same. However, that is not why we are writing about The Sandbox today.

The reason we are writing about The Sandbox right now is because Pixowl also informed us that to celebrate the launch of The Sandbox, they are holding a 50% off sale for the game’s IAPs. This sale is for a limited time of course and if you aren’t familiar with this game, The Sandbox is a rather detailed sim sandbox game where you can pretty much create anything right down to the background music.

If you are planning to pick up some of the game’s IAPs, now is a pretty good time to do so since they are half price right now.

Google Play Link: The Sandbox

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