PlagueZ brings the open-world survival theme to your Android device

If you follow PC gaming in any sort of fashion then you should be familiar with a couple of games that sport the open-world survival theme that go by the name of DayZ and WarZ. While these two games are MMOs, there is a game that was recently released onto Google Play that follows a similar theme called PlagueZ.

For those of you unfamiliar with any of these games, basically most of the population has been wiped out due to some infectious plague that has turned most of the people in the world to zombies. Players usually start off with nothing and have to scavenger to find things like food, weapons, medical necessities and other tools that will help you survive. All three games are open-world so you can explore freely, but carefully, while trying to survive since you have to watch out for zombies that want to gleefully tear you apart.

PlagueZ features a good amount of what you would find with DayZ or WarZ with its open-world structure and the need to scavenge to find anything that will help you stay alive. It doesn’t have multiplayer, at least not yet and the game does need some work still. As it stand though PlagueZ is actually a very good rendition of this new genre of gaming.

The game does have some bugs and needs a bit more work on it but right now it is still pretty enjoyable to play, especially if you like open-world survival games. Picking up a copy of PlagueZ will run you $1.60 should you be up for the challenge of trying to survive as long as you can. There’s definitely a lot of potential with this title.

Google Play Link: PlagueZ

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