PlayMemories for the PS3 will have Android compatibility, coming in March

Sony’s upcoming PlayMemories service and application suite will be launching this March (if all goes well) and along with it will come an application for Android as well. The entire PlayMemories suite will actually consist of four different parts: PlayMemories Studio, PlayMemories Online, PlayMemories Home and PlayMemories Mobile.

The service will allow you to manage all your media through your PS3, tablets, smartphones and various other devices. The storage will be through the Cloud and is called PlayMemories Online while the rest of the suite are the applications you can use to manage everything. The studio application will be used for editing your videos and pictures. The whole package will also come with 5GB of storage for everyone using it.

An example of what you would use this for is say gameplay videos you record on your PS3 which you can then edit and upload to PlayMemories Online. Once it is uploaded to your storage, you are able to access those videos (or images) through the PlayMemories Mobile application on your Android phone or tablet.

The whole thing is really just a novelty that only people who like to keep gameplay videos and screenshots will use. Casual gamers probably won’t use this sort of service much although you can use it for just about anything, not just gaming related stuff. Unlike a lot of services for the PS3, this one will actually cost money clocking in at around $13 apparently. Since it is a suite, we are not sure how the mobile download for the application will work out after you buy the suite or if it will just be offered up free on the Android Market.

One last thing to consider, this mobile application for Android could very well be specific to Sony Playstation certified devices on Android.

Websites Referenced: Andriasang via Joystiq

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