Playworld Superheroes soars onto Google Play

As a kid, I frequently imagined myself as superhero, along with my brother, sister (at times), and our friends. So I can identify with Playworld Superheroes, the new release from UK developers Starship.

Within the game, players assume the role of a child with a vivid imagination. Players pick which child they’d like for an avatar of sorts, and then take the child in and around a tree house that contains a sundry of refuse materials that players will use to cobble together a makeshift costume for the imaginary superhero. For example, a cardboard box is turned into a helmet by cutting eye-holes and adding various colors from crayons, and such. The child then is equipped with the tinfoil and cardboard, and then the imagination is applied, switching the perspective of the players from a goofy looking child in a tree house to that of a slick looking  superhero in battle armor, completely stylized and equipped by the player in the “real world”, and go about saving the world from the evil Golumites, over nine different missions.

Playworld Superheroes Features:

• Empowers a child’s creativity.
• Stunning AAA visuals and console quality gameplay.
• No in-app purchases or hidden costs. A safe and stimulating environment for children.
• Real-time crafting – design your ultimate alter-ego before using the Imagination Cloud to see your suit as it appears in Playworld!
• Over 15 alien invaders to defeat across nine hero missions.
• Unlock new superpowers such as flight and super strength by crafting new items in the treehouse – two games in one!
• Collect PlayGems to unlock new items.
• Important ecological messages entwined with gameplay.
• Intuitive gameplay controls.
• Enjoy limitless play with the Mayhem level.

Players will also be able to return to the tree house to craft more weapons and upgrade their gadgets, as the game progresses. According to the developers, they’re targeting the game towards kids ages 4-11.

Playworld Superheroes is already available on Google Play for $3.99 and no IAPs in sight. You can check out the game in action in the trailer below before you decide to throw money at Google to buy this game.

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